Our 40 years of experience has made us a recognized leader of innovative energy solutions specializing in design, engineering, manufacturing, and installation of custom facilities. From traditional oil and gas fields to offshore platforms around the world, we provide the experience, facilities and people to deliver the most efficient solutions in our industry. Since TDE's inception in 1979, we have provided excellence in engineering, design, fabrication services, construction, commissioning, start-up support and long-term maintenance to the energy industry. Innovation, reliability and excellence are services we guarantee. TDE has engineered and constructed hundreds of oil and gas processing facilities in over 40 countries around the globe. Our experts at TDE focus on our client's requirements to not only meet their expectations but to exceed them. Whether you require an individual component to add to your facility or a fully operational turnkey facility, TDE has the resources and expertise to deliver an innovative solution.


Natural Gas Processing

Natural gas is one of the cleanest, safest, and most useful of all energy sources.

From Siberia to South America, TDE is a recognized leader in natural gas processing. We provide plants with the necessary equipment to process natural gas by removing all undesirable impurities.

We offer natural gas plant processes for:

  • Acid gas injection 
  • Compression
  • Dehydration
  • Gas and liquids sweetening
  • Liquids fractionation
  • LPG extraction
  • Mechanical refrigeration 
  • Metering
  • NGL recovery
  • Pigging systems
  • Separation and filtration 
  • Sulfur recovery
  • Product metering, loading, and blending


Liquefied Natural Gas

TDE offers customized solutions for small to mid-scale natural gas liquefaction operations around the world.  We pretreat natural gas for the removal of impurities, water, and heavy hydrocarbons and chill the gas to cryogenic temperatures. At these temperatures, the natural gas becomes liquefied and can be transported safely and economically by land or sea.

We can utilize multiple types of liquefaction technologies including:

  • Mixed refrigerant
  • Open cycle refrigeration
  • Nitrogen cycle refrigeration



Whether you require heavy or light, sour or sweet oil processing, you can count on TDE’s expertise. TDE is committed to supplying comprehensive oil processing products with the best technology available. We offer innovative solutions for high-tech light oil, heavy oil, and bitumen processing equipment as well as stand-alone vessels to a fully packaged module.

We have experience in the design and manufacturing of refining process equipment, as well as in the construction and operation of crude oil refineries. We design our modular refinery equipment to be easily shipped to your location and our team of experts can assist with construction and commissioning. TDE’s modular design makes site construction work routine and economical.

We provide:

  • Electrostatic treating
  • Mechanical treating
  • Water treatment and handling
  • Crude stabilization and fractionation
  • Hydrotreating
  • Crude topping
  • Distillate splitting and fractionation
  • Diluent recovery
  • Oil storage, loading, unloading, and blending
  • Oil batteries and well pad modules



Depressed commodity prices have generated an opportunity for excellent returns on value uplift through further refining a crude stream to a higher value product. TDE has applied our decades of experience in modularization to design and build multiple customized modularized refineries. The facilities which TDE has designed and built to date take a crude feedstock and further process it to generate between 3 and 6 high value refined products. The products are determined based on the specific crudes as well as the surrounding infrastructure and the market which our clients intend to target. If you are looking to get better value out of your crude TDE’s modular refinery may be the right solution.


Offshore Processing

We have thorough experience in engineering and fabricating complete solutions for offshore operations. We create topside process systems for floating production, storage, and offloading (FPSO), fixed platforms, and submersible platforms. Our customized process also accounts for the salt and humidity issues that arise in offshore projects.


Water Treatment

Often one of the most difficult problems in facility design is how to deal with water. Whether the problem is around the treatment and disposal of produced or wastewater streams or maintaining a reliable and adequate source of make-up or process water the challenges are very real. TDE has supported developments from the arctic where water is available but the challenges are maintaining an operation to prevent freezing and equipment damage, to desert climates where water is scarce and maintaining a water balance and limiting make-up requirements to an absolute minimum is critical for reasonable project economics. TDE supports the design and supply of water treatment packages from truck out to treatment for reuse or reintroduction to the environment.


Renewable Energy

TDE recognizes the most important resources that we have is our planet. As such in 1993 TDE founded TDEnviro to develop solutions and advancements aimed at soil reclamation, emissions reductions, and development of technology for alternative energy. TDE utilizes our in-house research and development team to refine processes aimed at making the world a more sustainable place. In parallel, our business development team is always on the lookout for intriguing new technologies to support and utilize.


Carbon Carbon Capture Utilization Storage (CCUS)

Reducing carbon emissions is an advantage for any project for multitude of reasons ranging from environmental stewardship, public relations and image maintenance, to minimizing fines and taxes associated with emissions; there is a reason for everyone to minimize our carbon footprint on a personal, corporate, and societal scale. Every one of TDE’s designs are built around minimizing emissions and when necessary removing carbon from exhaust streams. When properly implemented recovered carbon dioxide can be modified from a waste stream to a revenue source: as fluid for artificial lift or miscible flood for enhanced hydrocarbon recovery or further treated and monetized as an industrial or food grade product stream; the opportunities exist if you know where and what to look for. TDE can support with guidance and technology for a variety of emissions reduction strategies.


Hydrogen Economy

Carbon free fuel sources are inevitably becoming a component of the world’s energy future. Leading this energy movement is utilization of hydrogen either as a fuel source directly or blending hydrogen to reduce the carbon intensity of other fuel sources. TDE’s focus is on generation, treatment, storage, and transportation of hydrogen within new and existing infrastructure.



Due to increasing costs associated with carbon emissions there is a growing business case to develop a well considered energy strategy for brown and greenfield facilities. This strategy could consider any number of solutions such as: replacing older fossil fuel driven power generation equipment with a higher efficiency alternative, to consolidate the power generation loads with a high efficiency power island, or to energize greenfield projects with low carbon intensity grid power. The drivers for this decision are case specific and can have significant implications on any design. Considerations around the stability and availability of the grid as well as the source and the associated carbon intensity of the grid power and the replacement of existing waste heat recovery systems with alternate process heating schemes must be evaluated to develop a rigorous power strategy. TDE can support a power audit to assist with a well-developed strategy to provide reductions in cost of ownership of an installation.


Power Generation

TDE’s extensive experience supplying equipment in remote areas has driven the development of our power generation, transmission and distribution business. Whether the project drivers to generate onsite power are due to remote locations and lack of available infrastructure or based on optimizing efficiency from a waste heat source TDE has the experience and resources to support your needs.


Energy Storage

Technology associated with energy storage is quickly evolving; whether you’re looking to take advantage of cost of energy fluctuations or if there are significant variations in the energy demand of an asset there is an opportunity to develop an energy storage and utilization strategy. There are numerous options for deployable technology with hydraulic energy storage, batteries, etc. TDE is interested in supporting a custom solution for your energy needs.


Emissions Reduction

Not only are plant emissions an environmental liability they are a lost revenue stream. TDE has designed and built modularized packages which are currently capturing flared and vented rich gas streams around the world. These packages process the waste gas to recover the liquids and generate a saleable NGL product as well as a gas which can be burned as a fuel for power or process heat generation. These modularized and scalable packages are easily incorporated within existing installations to reduce emissions and increase revenue.



With the economics of the hydrocarbon processing industry evolving gradually away from fuels and towards petrochemical derivatives TDE is on the leading edge of supporting these developments. Whether the goal is barrel value uplift of the development of a fully refined product TDE has practical experience to support both small and world-scale developments.



TDE’s utility systems may be auxiliary pieces to our overall solutions, but they’re a vital part of a successful plant.

We Provide:

  • Auxiliary buildings (administration, maintenance, laboratory)
  • Communication systems
  • Control rooms
  • Control systems
  • Electrical systems (MCC, UPS, transformers, lighting, substation(s), switchgear)
  • Flare
  • Fire-water systems
  • Fuel gas systems
  • Instrument air
  • Nitrogen generation systems
  • Parking lots
  • Portable water
  • Process and utility heating systems • Product storage
  • Power generation
  • Sanitary systems
  • Security
  • Sewage handling systems
  • Underground network
  • Utility air (if required)
  • Utility water
  • Water treatment


Fired Equipment

TDE designs and builds both direct and indirect fired heaters. These heaters are used in applications such as line heaters, liquid petroleum gas (LPG) extraction, LPG fractionation, gas sweetening, regeneration fluid, heat medium, and steam generation.


Heat Exchangers

TDE’s production facilities include a CNC drilling center and a vertical turning lathe to allow in-house fabrication of all components for shell and tube heat exchangers. Our facilities can handle construction of exchangers up to 200,000 / 100 tons, with diameters to 144″ ID, using carbon steel, stainless steel or other alloy materials and up to 7,500 psi design pressure. We can do most of the TEMA exchanger configurations as well as sulphur condensers and waste heat boilers. Our exchanger designs comply with the latest applicable codes and the TEMA, API 660 or customer specifications designated. At TDE, we can leverage decades of design experience on over 300 exchangers built along with the capability and skills of our production facility backed by our stringent quality control program to supply solutions for the most demanding heat exchanger requirements.


TDE Construction

During our 40 year history TDE has executed several EPFC or EPFCM projects both internationally and domestically for oil and gas clients. The site services component of these projects were related to the process packages that TDE was designing and manufacturing. This service model provides benefits to client’s where the engineering, design and equipment manufacturing, as well as the installation services are provided on an integrated basis with singular responsibility and accountability by TDE.

As an extension of the integrated services of Thermo Design Engineering, TDE Construction Company Ltd. Is offering construction and site services to both TDE and others’ facilities. For an EPC project, TDE Construction Company Ltd. would be the entity responsible for site construction and plant installation. For non EPC, TDE Construction Co. is offering industrial construction services.

Construction services include planning, supervision, construction, and management. Our project and construction teams work together in the early stages of the project to streamline construction and installation activities. Our commitment to efficient project management extends to hiring local and indigenous construction labor and utilizing local equipment as required on remote plant sites. Our service is customized to meet your requirements no matter what the project scope.  Whether TDE is self-performing construction services or only providing construction supervision, you have the assurance of cohesive communication between all project disciplines to minimize the implications of RFI’s and minimize site time.